Upcoming Events


AUGUST 3, 2021  Monthly Meeting.  Harbor House, 2510 N. Roan Street, Johnson City, TN.  Dinner at 6:00pm and Meeting at 7:00.

AUGUST 21, 2021 – Ride will be led by Ron Byrd and will take us to Burnsville, NC.   More details as they are available.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 – Monthly Meeting.  (More detail to follow).

October 23, 2021 – Leslie has scheduled Tech Day at Bill Gatton’s in JC for Saturday, October 23. This is open to any TCMC members. Technicians will be on site to put your Miata on a lift and answer any questions you may have. No services will be performed, but inspections may reveal something that might need attention. This is always a fun-filled and well attended event.


SAFETY RULES:  As a reminder, let’s remember to practice the following on our rides:

  1. Turn your headlights on.
  2. Don’t leave a big gap between your car and the car in front of you.
  3. You are responsible for the car behind you.
  4. Let it be known if you plan to the leave the group.
  5. We need to use the CB radios.  A CB needs to be in the lead car, one in the middle, and one in the rear car.
  6. The lead car cell phone number will be on the drive directions.
  7. Don’t stop on the interstate if it can be avoided.

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